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Martin & Co. Candle Company

Martin And Co.'s The Great Outdoors

I’m going to stand up and say it loud and say it proud: I love me a good candle. I also enjoy supporting local businesses whenever I can. So, when I ran into Adam and Angela Martin, purveyors of fine soy-based candles under the moniker Martin & Company, of course I had to snag a couple new scents to counteract the fine scent of old carpet and dust that permeates our 123-year-old house.

Hand poured here in my hometown of Redlands, CA, Martin & Co. candles have no storefront, but can be found at shops throughout town or on Etsy HERE. Rather than just putting the name of the scents on each candle, the Martins (mostly) come up with an interesting name and corresponding interesting label. The first candle I snagged was the Rowdy Gentlemen, a patchouli and orange scented candle. While the scent was a pretty solid combo of hippie and citrus, the label, with an old-timey boxing match, really sealed the deal.

While conversing with the eponymous Martins, they gave me the low-down on some of their new scents. After fiendishly snorting jar after jar, Cal & I settled on one new one each: the Nag Champa to up our hippie-quotient (aptly named, since it just smells like an incense stick) and the Great Outdoors, which sold me not only on the outdoors-y theme, but the fact that they put a wooden wick in this bad boy, causing it to crackle like an honest-to-goodness campfire. Sold.

In true Maker-movement fashion, Adam also is a helluva wood/metal worker, creating display pieces and furniture that all look fantastic. You can check out the candles and the projects on their Instagram.