A Tribe Called Questival – New Adventures Await

Questival Logo

Gonna be a llamazing experience.

Two days from now, on September 15th, Team Bristleconers will be competing against over 175 teams in the San Diego Questival. The event, which lasts for 24 hours, is part scavenger hunt, part race, part team-building exercise on steroids, is hosted by Cotopaxi.

Here’s the rundown:
You sign up for the race of your choice here: CLICK ME!
You download the Questival App
You get a pre-event packet detailing what to bring (sleeping back, charger packs for your phone, etc)
You show up to a launch party, get a free backpack
Your app gets loaded up with lists of things to do
You go absolutely nuts trying to accomplish as much as you can
You upload proof you did the things
You and other teams judge each others submissions
Win or lose, you feel accomplished

The Bristleconers are coming at the San Diego event hot, but Cotopaxi hosts the events all over the country. Keep an eye out for a post-event review, but we’re already pretty freaking pumped for this thing. Here’s a video from Cotopaxi explaining it even more!

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